Final cover of The To-Hell-And-Back Club, coming soon! Debuts, May, 2017
Final cover of The To-Hell-And-Back Club, coming soon! Debuts, May, 2017

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Peyton Brooks hits rock bottom following the tragic loss of her three friends. She has a new empty nest, a comatose marriage and is struggling to rebuild her life without those friends. Growing up in Texas, Peyton found herself transplanted to central Minnesota years ago thanks to an unplanned pregnancy, leaving her only support system—her sister—states away.

Everything changes when the paramedic from her friends’ accident introduces Peyton to a group of spitfire ladies who have all faced and overcome personal tragedy—women from the To-Hell-And-Back Club. These women use their sense of humor, strength, and support to help pull her off the couch and back to living again.

Peyton digs up time capsules she and her friends buried years ago, uncovering secrets about those she loved, which emotionally buries Peyton. Life becomes a Cha-cha for her… one step forward, two steps back. With a new degree, new friends, and new love, Peyton is building the life she’d put aside two decades ago. She can almost forget her friend’s secrets, yet struggles to suppress the regrets of her own past.

The “Hell Club” women are there to help each other up, not drag each other down, reminding Peyton of the strength within her. She finds a renewed hope in life and love when she finally faces the mistakes and guilt that have troubled her for years. The To-Hell-And-Back Club is an inspiring book that reminds us that it’s never too late to start over and that living a life of regrets is no life at all.