Jill Hannah Anderson ~Writer

Women's Fiction Writer

I've finished my first women's fiction book and am working on my second book.  I also write for the Minnesota Women's magazine Her Voice.  
                     A little about me ~
~ I believe peanut butter & just about any food is a good combination.
~ I started playing the organ at church in fifth grade.
~ I'm a big music lover, unfortunately, music doesn't love me back.  At least if I try to sing anything.  Maybe that's why they had me play the organ!
~ I "throw like a girl", no matter if it's a softball, rock, or water balloon.  You don't want me on your "team."
~ But, I can run.  Something I discovered at age forty-five. 
~ I always wanted four children.  I ended up with two.  So, I married a man with four children.  Yes, it was a good bargain! :)

~ Growing up in a strict Catholic home fed my book-reading-frenzy.  Our family gave up TV for anything... which led to a lot of reading time.
~ I was born in California, and even though I've lived in Minnesota most of my life, I feel like a CA girl on the inside... I love the outdoors and the sun!

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